My new(@Dec 2010) mobile phone : E72

Most probably you'll want to know why i chose this seemingly boring phone over the fancy N8, or the touchscreen stuff? Well here I go.

I already own an ipod touch, and was using a nokia n5320.  Being a heavy 3g user for web browsing on the go, i often ended up having a deadbattery problem.  Charging the phone,o r walkng with a backup battery was a solution.  However this routine started to be cumbersome.  Hence, i decided to replace my phone.  The e72 came as an automatic choice! A wooow factor as regards business class phones, with qwerty keyboard, loads battery life(1500mAh), among other features.  What tempted me most was the ability to use tethered web browsing,ie connect ur mobile(via bluetooth or the usb cable) and use it as a modem.  e72 makes it tad easier, with the dedicated option of web browsing.  BEsides, for on the go use, all i have to do is use the free joikuspot(without security), or a paid version with so many additional stuffs.  WHo cares if i dont own an emtel dongle? We nokia users DONT need one :P

I really was keen to use the Nokia messaging feature.  I was really pleased to find that my mobile includes a lifetime subscription to set up 10 emails on this device.  What is missing is the threaded sms view :( I wish it was present though).

Last but not the least, i was really amazed by the long battery life! It keeps going on n on!!! Typically takes 2-3 days to run down, with sparce music listening, loads email replies, facebook/web browsing
, couple of sms, n talks as well. Fini les problemes bidon qu'on avai auparavant.

More indepth review to follow. I simply love this pone ;)